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Industry Approved Signs

Experienced Traffic Engineer

Licensed General Contractor

I.M.S.A. Certified

Greater Fort Wayne Chamber

Parking Lot Construction & Maintenance

Asphalt, Cement, Bollards, Pathway Saftey

As you begin your day and drive into your office take a long look at your parking lot. Imagine yourself a new customer and think about their first thoughts about your business. Your parking lot is the first real experience your customers have with your business. We can help you make great "first impressions". Adequate spacing, easy enter and egress and clear directional information will make your business more inviting, sets the tone for a positive engagement with your customers and staff. The J and R Company specializes in new construction and routine maintenance of parking lots.

Parking lot Sealcoat,striping and maintenance professionals

Keeping Parking Lot Costs Low

The J and R Company can help you design, update and maintain your parking lot and access ways for longevity and safety. We can integrate your landscaping, building and grounds to give your business an edge over the competition. Our experienced engineer will help you design traffic pattern, signage and access points to code while providing cost saving insights that only comes with more than 43 years of parking lot experience.

Maintenance and Inspection Agreements Available!

Industry Approved Signs

Lot & Access Design

  • Need Assessment
  • Site Planning
  • Code Compliance
  • Zoning Approval

Lot Construction

  • Site Preparation
  • Excavation and Grading
  • Curbs and Sidewalks
  • Asphalt or Concrete
  • Seal and Striping
  • Sign Installation

Signs and Striping

  • Stop, Yield, One Way...
  • Handicap Parking...
  • Walkway and Direction Striping
  • Bollards
  • Wheel Stops

Lot Maintenance &

  • The key managing long term costs!
  • Clean & Patch
  • Resurfacing
  • Top Coat Seal
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Striping
  • Sign Update or Replacements